7 Creators Included                 200+ Assets generated    

          Cost per image of $6.85         Earned asset value of $10,000+  

Biaggi Luggage has come a long way since their CEO, Stephen Hersh, appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank" in 2014. They've released a variety of new products with the overarching mission of helping travelers pack as efficiently as possible while maintaining great style. 

Stephen felt that their website needed to be refreshed, and he turned to Cohley's network of content creators and photographers to create diverse lifestyle content that Biaggi could feature across the new site. 

We really needed shots of our products in action on the site, and we needed to generate high quality images that were a variety of different sizes to freshen up the site.


Stephen and Co. had gone the traditional route and paid thousands of dollars for photo shoots in the past, and while they had control of the content they found that it was monotonous and that the shoots didn't provide them with enough variety. By turning to Cohley's network of creators, he gathered over 200 great photos of Biaggi's products being creatively featured around the world. 

I’m really happy with how this Cohley campaign went. We generated a ton of great photos for each product on the site and we kept our costs low. We also have enough content to refresh the site and show visitors fresh looks when they come back and visit.

While edited semi-professional photos typically cost north of $50, their cost per photo came out to $6.85. So not only did they generate a ton of high res lifestyle photos featuring their products in a variety of settings, they also saved a remarkable amount of money in the process. 


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