The Dos and Don'ts of Applying to Campaigns

DO: Read the creative brief before applying to a campaign

  • The creative briefs are set up to allow creators to quickly understand timelines, campaign requirements, and the outlined budgets.

  • Reading the creative brief allows creators the understand if the project is within scope, and if it makes sense to apply.

DON’T: Apply to campaigns that are out of scope

  • If the campaign brief states the brand is only looking for creators in a specific location, and you do not live in that location, do NOT apply.

  • If the campaign brief specifies they are only looking for gender specific content, and you cannot create that type of content, do NOT apply.

  • If the budget for the campaign is not within, or close to within your expectations, do NOT apply.


DO: Send a thoughtful message when you apply to a campaign

  • Example 1: "I have been following your brand for a long time, and love how I can use the product both while I’m on the go or in a more formal setting. I’d love to work together and create some awesome content for you!"

  • Example 2: "I see you’re looking for creators based in rural locations, and I have an upcoming trip to Tahoe that would be a perfect backdrop to create some content."

  • Example 3: "It looks like you’re looking to generate some pet-centric content, and I have 3 dogs I would love to feature in my photos" 

DON’T: Mass apply to campaigns

  • Brands can tell when you’ve applied to their campaign multiple times with the same copy and pasted message.

  • A lot of companies are managing multiple brands on Cohley, they know when you apply to multiple campaigns with the exact same message.


DO: Over communicate

  • Brands are excited to work with you in Cohley! If they send you a message or a shipment update let them know you saw their message.

DON’T: Neglect outlined timelines of the campaign

  • The fastest way to lose trust from a brand is to neglect specified timelines.

  • Cohley team members are always recommending top creators to brands, we ALWAYS suggest creators that we know follow content guidelines and timelines.

Tom Logan