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How to Mitigate the Risk of “Ad Fatigue” During the Holiday Season

For brands, the holiday season represents a massive opportunity to connect with customers at a time when they’re spending a lot more money than usual. According to the NRF, the holiday season can represent as much as 30 percent of annual sales for many brands and retailers…that’s a pretty staggering statistic when you process it.

But on the flip side of this opportunity is major risk. Agency founder Andrew Krebs-Smith projects that in 2018, Facebook and Instagram Ads may spike by more than 50% in price on a CPM basis due to the huge uptick in demand for consumer eyeballs. The RISK is that if you’re paying that much more for your social ads, you obviously need them to perform great. If your ads do crush it? The year’s a success! If they flop? Yikes…

FB and Instagram Ads may spike by more than 50% in price during the holidays depending on the industry

One of the most important factors in Facebook and Instagram ad performance is providing consumers with contextually relevant content that’s refreshed on a weekly basis. That’s not us at Cohley talking, those are simply industry best practices.

The good news is that Cohley can help generate high-quality photos and videos at scale in a cost effective manner. Our network of highly vetted content creators help clients like Adore Me, Unilever and hundreds of other brands fill their content gaps and stay ahead of their competition by A/B testing diverse content in their ad sets.

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Ultimately for our clients, Cohley plays a huge role in ensuring that they crush the holiday season, finish the year strong and mitigate the risk of lackluster ad performance.

Here are a few examples of Cohley generated videos, and here are some photo samples to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Give us a shout at and let’s talk about your brand’s content strategy in Q4.