The Challenge

Brooklyn Crafted needed to totally overhaul their brand and launch their ecommerce presence simultaneously. They needed content to support that rebrand, of course, but they also needed ad-ready, aspirational content to drive traffic to their newly revamped website.

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Brooklyn Crafted x Cohley

Director of Marketing Keli Roberson had a monster task on her hands: Successfully rebrand an entire line of beverages and help oversee an ecommerce launch within the period of a few months. raved about the rebrand, saying that, “The new logo features a clean, modern image of the New York skyline, while the packaging offers vibrant colors that represent each of the different flavor varieties.”

But they still needed supporting content, and through their Cohley campaigns they generated 100+ great assets. The photos added a layer of authenticity to the rebrand and helped inspire consumers to try it or repurchase it.

They also needed to improve ad performance to support their ecommerce launch, and to do that they needed to make a real splash. They turned to Cohley’s Creative Suite to create an ad Sequence using three photos that they’d recently generated. The numbers speak for themselves.

Our goal with the new packaging was to give Brooklyn Crafted a fresh new, modern look in the ginger beer and ale category, while honoring our Brooklyn connection. Launching ecommerce was also a major initiative for us, and Cohley was a critical partner on both fronts.
— Keli Roberson, Director of Marketing @ Brooklyn Crafted

In summary

The results of Brooklyn Crafted’s ad Sequence has already had a major impact on their ad performance. They’ve upped their click through rate (CTR) by 147% by adding motion to their Instagram ads, and in the process they also decreased their cost per click (CPC) by 55%. Cohley is not only capable of generating cost effective, high-performing content to power an entire rebrand, but by using our Creative Suite and A/B testing different content, we can drive tangible upticks in ad performance as well.

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