How Brooklyn Crafted Refreshed Their Brand and Delighted New E-Commerce Store Visitors


The Challenge

Brooklyn Crafted had a big task on their hands. They were looking to reinvent themselves in a big way, by rebranding their entire line of beverages and launching an e-commerce site simultaneously within a few months. They needed aspirational content that would both support their rebrand and be ad-ready to help drive traffic to their newly revamped website.

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The Solution

The rebrand was already off to a great start, with Director of Marketing, Keli Roberson, and her team receiving a shoutout from about their new logo and packaging, saying, "The new logo features a clean, modern image of the New York skyline, while the packaging offers vibrant colors that represent each of the different flavor varieties”.

But they still needed supporting content for the rebrand. Brooklyn Crafted turned to Cohley Creators to generate authentic visual content that would inspire new and returning customers to check it out. Using the Cohley Content Platform, Brooklyn Crafted received over 100 content assets to support their launch.

The next step for Brooklyn Crafted was to drive consumers to their newly launched e-commerce site. They needed to improve ad performance and in order and to do that, they needed to make a real splash. Luckily, Cohley’s Creative Suite has easy-to-use yet powerful tools to help make that happen. Brooklyn Crafted was able to create Photo Sequence Videos using three photos that they’d recently generated with Cohley's Creators and quickly launch paid campaigns to Instagram and Facebook.


Our goal with the new packaging was to give Brooklyn Crafted a fresh new, modern look in the ginger beer and ale category, while honoring our Brooklyn connection. Launching ecommerce was also a major initiative for us, and Cohley was a critical partner on both fronts.
— Keli Roberson, Director of Marketing @ Brooklyn Crafted

The Result

To say Brooklyn Crafted's relaunch was a success would be an understatement. The Photo Sequencing video that Brooklyn Crafted created in the Cohley Creative Suite had a major impact on their ad performance. They increased their click through rate (CTR) by 147% by adding motion to their Instagram ads with Cohley Photo Sequencing tool. In the process, they also decreased their cost per click (CPC) by 55% and their cost per result to $0.48.

Working with Cohley, Brooklyn Crafted was able to not only generate cost effective, high-performing content to power their rebrand, but they also drove tangible upticks in ad performance using our Creative Suite and A/B testing different content. Cheers to Brooklyn Crafted!

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