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The Marketing Team is Too Strapped to Manage Creators

As a luxury bedding and home essentials brand, Sijo Home knew that content generation was important to its overall marketing strategy. The wide array of diverse SKUs on their site ranging across bedding, sleepwear, candles, essential oils, and more presented them with several logistical challenges. First, they wanted an easy way to give creators the freedom to pick the items that would resonate best with their personal style and followers. Second, they needed an effective way to reduce the often elongated back and forth communication process for finalizing which products were selected. Third, they needed a way to accurately tag the products that ultimately ended up being selected.

In short, Sijo Home needed a streamlined way to customize product shipments to creators without taking up the bandwidth of the marketing team.

Increased Marketing Team Bandwidth By Leveraging Cohley’s Shipment Process

Sijo Home leveraged Cohley’s Shopify tool to automate their product shipment process. More specifically, they were able to ship all accepted creators their preferred products and sizes automatically, in addition to automatically generating and sending out shipping confirmation and tracking information.

More Campaigns, Less Time, Great Creator Management

Using Cohley’s Shopify tool Sijo Home was able to run four campaigns, generate over 500 assets, and save over 20 work hours that would have otherwise had to have been spent on organizing product shipments.

Elise Sabak
Digital Marketing Manager

"Cohley’s Shopify integration has streamlined our process for sending product to creators, saving us countless hours. Not only is it quick and easy to set up, I can send product to 20+ creators in a matter of clicks. Once our orders are sent, Cohley automatically generates tracking links and sends shipment updates that provide our creators with the information they need while eliminating the hassle of tracking down a multitude of orders."

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