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The Challenge

Tenikle, the portable octopus phone mount, started out as a product funded via Kickstarter. The versatility of this innovative product allows it to bend and shape into a selfie stick, tripod, car mount, tablet mount, and beyond, making it a product ideal for a wide range of target consumers.

Being a small team, the Tenikle crew’s bandwidth didn’t allow for constant new content generation, meaning all of the creative used in ads and on social channels was recycled content from the original Kickstarter campaign. 

Even though Tenikle had been featured in BuzzFeed, Mashable, Business Insider, and beyond, the team saw the effects of ad fatigue, resulting in stagnant ROAS across the board.

The Solution

Wanting to see business growth and understanding the power of UGC and personalization, the team set up a Cohley campaign to leverage content creators who lived the same lifestyle as their target audience. 

Using the vast network of diverse Cohley creators, Tenikle’s Cohley campaign achieved their goals of:

  • generating high-quality UGC photos at scale

  • generating high-quality UGC videos at a fraction of the cost

  • diversifying creators and content to target specific audiences

  • enough content to cycle through and avoid ad fatigue

Founder & CEO @ Tenikle

"After launching new ads with purely Cohley creative, our ads are getting 3.3x ROAS — the best they’ve done in a VERY long time, close to ever. It’s insane because these are prospecting ads, and getting conversions from a prospecting campaign is not the norm. Finally making money on the ads themselves — so glad we decided to work with Cohley!"

The Results

6 weeks and 162 pieces of content later, the Tenikle team had plenty of fresh creative to test in ads, social channels, and on the website. Before using Cohley to test content performance, Tenikle’s ads were driving a $23 CPA. After replacing all active ads with Cohley content, their average CPA dropped to $12, and then again down to $8 in under two weeks. Hitting a ROAS of 3.3x and a 65% decrease CPA in the first 2 weeks the Tenikle team anticipates continued growth. 

Additionally, Tenikle can now leverage these test results to optimize their future Cohley campaigns to generate proven high-performing content, while simultaneously testing new asset types and ad formats.


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