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Cohley Activate Support & FAQs

Completing Shopify Integration

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Completing Klaviyo Integration

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Adding Cohley Code to Klaviyo Email Flows

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Step-by-step Instructions for Adding Cohley Code to Klaviyo Email Flows:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Select Activate → Emails → Add Flow or New Flow
  3. Within the "Select Your Flow" dropdown, select the Cart or Browse Abandonment Email that you’d like to add the Cohley Integration to and then click “Confirm Flow”.
  4. After clicking Confirm Flow, a blue link will appear below the flow. Click the blue “Please copy and paste into your associated Klaviyo flow”.
  5. Within the first email of the flow that you are editing, click the three dots in the top right corner and select Edit, then Edit Email.
  6. Delete the Trade Block where the Product would be displayed and replace a new Text Block in its place.
  7. Within the text block options in the left sidebar, delete any text and select Source (</>) and paste the Source code from Cohley.
  8. After you save, click Preview along the left sidebar, if a product image appears, it’s working!
  9. Afterward, repeat step 7-8 for any additional emails in the flow.

Time to Start Testing

Instructions for adding test assets: 

  1. Log in to
  2. On the left sidebar, select Library --> Product Catalog
  3. Within the Product Catalog Tab you will see products that are ready for test assets. 
    • Beneath each product are 4 'Upload' boxes that you can click on and add a test asset to.
  4. After adding your assets, they'll begin to rotate in future Cart Abandonment Flows


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Cohley Activate FAQs

Do I need to use both Shopify & Klaviyo for Cohley Activate to work?

Yes, at this point in time Cohley Activate only integrates with Shopify eComm & Klaviyo email channels.

We’re super busy, is this going to take long to set up?

Set up is super easy! The estimated time to complete setup is 5-8 minutes. 

What are the next steps I should take after I complete the onboarding?

After you activate your Shopify & Klaviyo integrations, insert the Cohley Activate code snippet into your cart or browse abandonment emails and set them live, you can sit back and relax! For the first couple of weeks, we will just want to collect data from your Cart & Browse Abandonment flows. After we identify which products are firing most often, we’ll let you know when it’s time to start testing new assets.

Who would be a good fit for this App and alternatively, who might not be a good fit?
  • Good Fit: Any brand that is sending 500+ cart or browse abandonment emails per month. The more abandonment emails that you’re sending, the better the fit will be.
  • Too Soon: If you’re not yet sending 500+ cart or browse abandonment emails per month, you might not have a need for the Cohley Activate app just yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great fit further down the line!
  • Bad Fit: Your brand’s products are SO AMAZING that no one would ever abandon their cart or your website and therefore don’t need to send such emails…
Cohley also offers a content generation platform, do we need an account on that platform to use Cohley Activate?
Nope! Cohley’s Content solution and Cohley Activate are two separate platforms at the moment! If you are already on Cohley’s content platform, ask your Customer Success Manager if Cohley Activate would be a good fit for you!
What size specifications should my test assets follow?

We follow Shopify's image guidelines to keep consistency. Please see the link and bullets below for those recommendations: 

  • maximum image size: 4472 x 4472 pixels;
  • recommended square image size: 2048 x 2048 pixels;
  • image file size: up to 20 MB;
  • image resolution: 72 dpi.
  • JPG / JPEG or PNG


Still need help?

Feel free to reach out to or book a meeting directly with our support team here