[for Sellers]


How do I set up my account?

When you log in, you’ll first be prompted to make or link a Stripe account. Stripe is the safe and secure way that payments are processed through Cohley. You’ll then be asked to upload at least 3 unbranded photos to sell.

How do I upload photos?

Select Upload Photos at the top of the dashboard and either drag or select your desired photos. Make sure that the photos are unbranded and that you feel comfortable releasing ownership of your content. Once you’ve selected a few photos, select Publish for Sale in the upper right-hand corner of the upload window. Once published, your photos will automatically be visible to buyers and added to the Photos for Sale tab.

How do I unlist a photo?

Navigate to the Photos for Sale tab at the top of the dashboard and select the photo you’d like to unlist. Click Withdraw from Sale to move the photo into the Unlisted Photos tab.

How do I delete a photo from Cohley?

Start by unlisting the photo. Once it’s withdrawn, click on the photo in the Unlisted Photos tab and select remove.

How do I make an unlisted photo available for sale again?

Click on the photo in the Unlisted Photos tab and click List Photo for Sale.

How do I know when one of my photos has been purchased?

You’ll receive an email from us each time someone buys one of your photos. The photo will also appear in your Purchased Photos folder.

When can I expect to receive payment?

After a photo is purchased, Stripe can take up to 7-10 days to fully process a transaction, so if you don’t see a change in your account balance immediately, don’t sweat it.