Do you know you need content but are not sure where to start? Check our guidelines below for help on the campaign types and budgets you should allocate towards the type of content you want!


Campaign Type Supported: Photography

Cost Per Asset: $70 - $85

If you’re looking for high resolution photography, detailed creative specs, and professional photography partnerships, you need professional content. Run a Cohley Photography campaign to partner with professional photographers on specific creative specs. You can expect significant time spent on creative conceptualization, set styling, propping, and content editing with professional equipment. Working with professional photographers in a Cohley Photography campaign is the best way to guarantee top quality content according to specific creative requirements, but will require higher creator compensation. Only professional photographers with vetted photography portfolios can apply to Photography campaigns.


Campaign Type Supported: Influencer

Cost Per Asset: $45 - $55

If you’re looking for quality photography, but don’t necessarily need to execute on details creative specs or work with professionals, semi-professional content is a great fit for your needs. Run a paid Cohley Influencer campaign to partner with seasoned influencers that professional equipment and have an eye for aesthetics. Note that creator skills and photography quality will vary with each individual, as many influencers are not professional photographers.


Campaign Types Supported: Influencer, Neemo

Cost Per Asset: $0-$20 (Photo); $0-$50 (Video)

UGC is known for being authentic and relatable. Ranging from selfie photos, to flat lays, to product testimonial videos, UGC content can be taken on a camera phone or DLSR. The focus is on each creator's creative authenticity, not necessarily perfectly curated aesthetics. The quality of UGC content can vary depending on your campaign type and creator compensation.

For more-varied content quality, but no creator compensation, run a Cohley Neemo Campaign to work with nano and micro influencers who create content for product exchange only. Neemo creators can send authentic UGC content without the need for additional creator compensation.

To work with more seasoned influencers on paid partnerships, run a Cohley Influencer Campaign to have more control over content quality. With a paid campaign, you’ll receive more applicants to vet through which allows you to be more selective in the creators and content quality you’re accepting to your campaign.


Campaign Types Supported: Photography, Influencer, Neemo

If you want creative control when it comes to editing, coloring, and filtering you may ask for unedited photos within any of your Cohley campaigns. This gives you the freedom to edit the photos to your own desired aesthetics instead of leaving the discretion in the hands of the individual influencers. Brands who prefer unedited photos want to keep their aesthetics consistent across all content and avoid diverse styles of filtering/editing from each individual. Keep in mind you should only ask for unedited photos if you have the time and resources to edit content on your own. Note that the quality of the images may appear lower before editing.