The Challenge

CordaRoy’s national profile took a big jump when they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013. As the brand has continued to grow, so too has their need for a steady stream of high-quality content to maintain a great digital experience. They turned to Cohley to address their ongoing content demands.

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How Cohley Helped

Growing brands like CordaRoy’s inevitably reach a point where they come to a difficult realization: “We’re going to need A LOT more content.” Meeting content demands can be incredibly difficult, as the need to fill ad, social media, email and e-commerce channels continues to grow.

CordaRoy’s has faced all of those challenges as they’ve grown, but perhaps their most pressing need has been content for Through great strategic support and powerful technology, Cohley has helped CordaRoy’s consistently refresh their home page, category pages and product detail pages with great content.

Each of these pages require diverse, high-resolution content that’s sized correctly, and CordaRoy’s relies on Cohley to proactively to generate it.

“Cohley has consistently helped us generate the content we need in order to successfully launch new products” says marketing lead Kim Snell. “They've become the core solution to our ever-changing content needs.”

In summary

At Cohley, we’re able to do a lot more than help brands generate lifestyle content. We’re able to help both growing brands, and more established legacy brands, generate the contextually relevant content that they need to meet the heightened content demands. That certainly includes content that’s website ready, and CordaRoy’s continues to validate that every day.

Working with Cohley has enabled us to scale our content strategy alongside the business as a whole. Cohley has put us in a position with our content where we’re not only keeping up, we’re using it as a strategic advantage.
— Byron Young, Founder & CEO

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