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Creator selection

Personalized, relatable content is essential for consumers to connect with your brand. Cohley's Creator Marketplace gives you access to thousands of diverse content creators that look and feel like your audience.

No need to recruit - creators come to you. Creators have already agreed to your content requirements before you view their applications. Brands can even work with creators based on their follower counts, engagement rates, and access their social media platform straight from their bio.

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Creator collaboration

Chat with Creators directly in Cohley to provide feedback, ask additional vetting questions, or check on deliverables. Communicate and collaborate with creators as much or as little as you’d like, we don’t believe in standing between you and the content of your dreams.

With Cohley, you’ll never send a rights agreement. That’s because we’ve pre-negotiated full usage rights into every creator collaboration that happens on Cohley. You can rest easy knowing that your Cohley Content is yours to use whenever, wherever—forever.  


Product shipping & payment

With Cohley’s Shopify integration, automate creator product shipment and tracking numbers so you can get products to creators without lifting a finger.

Cohley facilitates creator payments on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to track down a bunch of different invoices for each creator you work with.

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FAQs about Cohley's Creators

How does Cohley go about getting creators on the platform?
Cohley sources creators in two ways: 
  1. Through our application process, where every applicant is reviewed by a real human being to ensure they meet our standards. 
  2. Proactive recruitment to creators we’ve identified as experts in their given field.  
How does Cohley ensure I find the right creators?
Creators are applying to the brand based of brief which is our first line of defensive. Additionally, you can include a gated question to ensure the right creators are entering your applicant pool. Example: You're a dog food brand. You're question would be "Do you have a dog?"
What kind of creators are in the Cohley network?
Professional photographers, TikTok Creators, UGC experts, Product Reviewers, and Short form video specialists