Creator Campaigns

Partner With Seasoned Content Creators to Power Your Digital Strategy

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Gain access to our network of verified Cohley Creators

Easily recruit, chat, and partner with vetted Cohley Creators. We only accept top performers!

Cohley Creators will apply to work with your brand, so you‘ll be vetting through creators who are already interested in partnering on your specified campaign deliverables.

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Measure results with Cohley’s Analytic Suite

Understand performance on macro and micro levels to make reporting on key metrics a breeze with the close guidance of your dedicated Digital Strategist.

Measure important KPIs like campaign engagement rate, media value, asset value and overall ROI with an automated reporting system in Cohley.

View holistic campaign results and identify top performers and long-term brand ambassadors with performance breakdowns of individual social posts.

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Easily repurpose user-generated content on your own channels

All content produced by Cohley Creators is brand-owned, so you can repurpose content across all digital channels.

Organize your rights-approved photos, videos, and text reviews in a central Content Library and reactivate those assets on social media channels, on your site and in social ads.

Leverage Cohley's personalized Content Recommendations within the Content Library to identify your top-performing posts, and utilize the Stage Management and SmartMatch tools to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions.