The Challenge

Deepen connections with Millennials and Gen Z'ers on Instagram and expand overall social reach surrounding the release of the Cushion Complexion line of cosmetics.

collaboration with cohley

Julep is a Seattle-based beauty brand that creates innovative makeup, skincare, nail polish & customizable monthly beauty boxes. Influencers are a big part of their marketing strategy, and the content that influencers create on their behalf is consistently used across all of their channels. Julep partnered with Cohley to run a variety of different campaigns, and for this specific Cushion Complexion campaign they had a very specific set of goals. 


Julep turned to Cohley to spread awareness of their growing brand with Millennials and Gen Z'ers on Instagram, in addition to increasing their presence on social media. They also aimed to generate rights-approved photos that could be repurposed across marketing channels.

The Cushion Complexion campaign's audience consisted of 37% 18-24 year-olds and 58% 25-34 year-olds. These were the most engaged demographics as well. With Cohley's close guidance, Julep reached 348% of their target number of impressions in the campaign and they exceeded their target Earned Media Value by 78%. Julep's cost per engagement was 591% lower than what they had anticipated, and they generated dozens of great photos that they could to repurpose everywhere.  

The Cohley team was rock solid in their creative strategy and campaign execution. They hit all of their key deliverable on time and totally outperformed our high expectations.
— Heather Harrington, Social Strategist at Julep

Perhaps the biggest learning from the campaign was that non-traditional beauty influencers could not only do a great job featuring Julep's beauty products, their average post engagement was actually much higher than their posts with their beauty influencers. This valuable insight has led them to focus a significant percentage of their influencer efforts on non-traditional beauty influencers and has continued to re-energize their ongoing influencer efforts.  




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