The Challenge

Leverage content creators to fill the costly content gaps that their photoshoots weren’t able address.


How Cohley Helped

Miz Mooz had been averaging six photo shoots per year at 8K per shoot, but they were still finding themselves short on content. They had also realized that influencer generated content was performing twice as well as their stock creative in FB ads. 

They turned to Cohley to organize a campaign around their new spring line with content generation in mind.

Final Results:

  • Acquired more than 80 pieces of content  

  • Continued to see influencer content outperform their stock creative in ads

  • Their cost-per-photo dropped from $70 per image to $32  

  • Had the added benefit of influencers amplifying Miz Mooz to their audiences

Cohley changed the way we approach content at Miz Mooz. Utilizing the great content we get through Cohley has helped lessen our reliance on photoshoots in a cost effective manner.
— Cheryl Matson, Marketing Director @ Miz Mooz

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