What's Cohley? Tell me more. 

Cohley is a marketplace where influencers and brands discover one another and work out collaborations. Cohley's software helps brands use data to find the influencers who will perform best for them, and we put a major emphasis on helping our clients repurpose the content that influencers create for them. 

I'm not an influencer, why do you want me? 

We want you in the Neemo program so you can create content for the brands in exchange for a bunch of free product.

We developed an algorithm that would help us find people like you; not technically "influencers" yet, but your content skills are rock solid. That's exactly what we're looking for here. 


WHAT's the catch? 

There's no catch. If a brand finds you on Cohley and thinks you're a good fit, they'll reach out to you and offer to send you free product in exchange for photos with it or wearing it. 

Can I see a few examples? 

Yeah sure why not. Here are a few image samples of what you'd be creating:

Example #1 (Click HERE to view) 

Example #2 (Click HERE to view) 

Example #3 (Click HERE to view) 

What's the next step?

Simply enter your name, email, Instagram @ handle and address (optional) below and you'll start receiving free stuff. 

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