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General Info


What's a Neemo?

The Neemo program was started for people like you who produce great content, but might not have the "influencer" platform yet. Through the Neemo Medals program and practice with some smaller campaigns in exchange for product, you'll progressively gain access to large-scale campaigns and paid compensation. 

How do I login?

Click here, and type in your email and password. Your default password is cohley123 - you can change it after you login in the first time!

How do I change my password?

Click here, or on the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner and select "Change Password."

How do I edit my profile?

Click on the “Home” header and select “Edit Profile” button.

Applying to Campaigns


Where do I find campaign available for applications?

Go to the “Campaigns” tab and then click on “All Campaigns”.

How will I know if a brand campaign is a good fit for me?

Click on the campaign's thumbnail and read the "Creative Brief" section. This is the space where brands can express criteria for the potential partnership and describe the campaign in detail. Also make sure to look at some of the sample content and the company's website to get a better feel for the brand and their products. 

How do I apply to a campaign?

When you find an active campaign that you would like to apply to, either click the yellow "Apply" button on the bottom of the campaign listing or ,if you're on the detailed campaign page, click the yellow "Apply" button at the upper right hand corner. Simply follow the steps in the pop-up window and then click Submit to complete your application.

Make sure to read over the campaign details for special steps the brand may want you to include in your application (i.e. product selection or listing qualifications). NOTE: once you have submitted your application, it is final and cannot be edited!



How do I sent content for review?

Once accepted into a campaign, you can submit your content one of 3 ways:

  • Click the yellow "Submit Content" button located under the campaign's thumbnail in "Active Campaigns"

  • Click on the active campaign and click the yellow "Send Content" button in the upper right hand corner

  • In the selected campaign scroll down to your chat history and click the black "Send Content for Approval" button under your profile

Then simply upload your content and submit!

How will I be notified if a brand accept my application?

You will receive an email from Cohley notifying you of your campaign acceptance. You can also check on Cohley by clicking on the "Campaigns" tab. In the "Active Campaigns" a green box will appear on the campaign thumbnail that reads "Accepted." If a brand decides not to move forward with the partnership, you will not receive a notification.


How will I be notified if a brand approves my content?

You will receive an email confirming that your content has been approved by the brand. You can also check on Cohley by clicking on the "Campaigns" tab, and in "Active Campaigns" it will show the status of the campaign as "Completed" in a blue box on the thumbnail.




How do I transition from getting free product to getting compensated with payment?

The Neemo Medals program walks you through the different types of compensation you can receive as a Neemo. Click here to read more.

How will I get paid for my work if I complete a paid campaign?

Brands pay you directly using a secure payment system called Stripe and Cohley does not take any cut of your compensation.

How do I let brands know if I haven’t received product?

Brands will be notified if you chat them in an active campaign, so feel free to send them a follow-up message on the campaign's page. All communications regarding brand partnerships should be directed to the brand within your campaign.

How do I create a Stripe account to get paid for my work?

Click on the "Home" tab and click the button "Create Stripe Account" and fill out all the required sections. If you have already have an account click “Create Stripe Account” and use the link in the top right corner to login.



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