How Olly Beat the Rush to Make A List & Check It Twice

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The Challenge

Ever notice how the holidays seem so far away, then suddenly it's mid-December? Yeah, us too... and nearly every brand across every industry. Yet, the holidays are critically important for brands looking to top their customers' wishlists. The iconic supplement brand OLLY wanted to get ahead of the holidays this year to ensure every customer got their healthy holiday gifts. With the countdown clock at three weeks until December 1st, OLLY turned to Cohley to help generate standout holiday assets, fast.

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The Solution

OLLY planned to flood their social media channels and ads with lots of vibrant, on-brand holiday content. Cohley Creators were the perfect way to generate that content quickly. OLLY worked with a selection of Cohley Neemos, content creators who have hyper engaged followings of under 10K each, often known as micro-influencers. By using Cohley's Smart Match feature, OLLY was matched with a curated selection of Neemos whose content embodied the brand's colorful, playful aesthetic.

Over the course of those three weeks, Cohley Neemos had submitted more than enough content to help OLLY meet their demands throughout the holiday season. By launch time, nearly 80% of that content had been approved by the OLLY team as campaign ready, all within the Cohley Content Platform.

Cohley enabled us to source great content that was engaging and on brand during the busiest time of the year. We appreciated how quick and easy the process was of accepting creators and reviewing content and especially loved the ability to talk to the influencers directly for any edits or comments. The Cohley team was also really responsive and helpful whenever we needed them. Excited to continue working with Cohley on future campaigns.
— Carly Dunklin, Communications Manager @ OLLY

The Results

Working with Cohley, OLLY generated a Content Library of seasonal assets in less than three weeks and did so for under $15 per image. With an 80% approval rate, it's clear that Cohley was able to facilitate a quick turnaround time without compromising the quality of the content. The assets were so good, they were even reactivated by OLLY's national retail partners like CVS, helping the supplement brand spread awareness of their products just when consumers need it most. Care for a vitamin with your candy cane?

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