Photography Campaigns

Outsource Branded Content Creation to Professional Photographers

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Cut costs and increase scale by working with professional Cohley Creators

Drastically lower your cost per image by working with professional photographers who can deliver high quality content at scale for a fraction of the cost of in-house photo shoots.

Rest assured that you’ll only be working with professional photographers who are industry professionals. Vet through applicants who apply to work with you by accessing their creative portfolios and past work.

Generate diverse, high-performing content that mitigates the risk of performance fatigue across your website design and marketing channels.

(Learn more about Cohley Creators here.)

Maintain creative control via customized campaign briefs

Our creative briefs are completely customizable so that you can incorporate detailed requirements and asset specs according to your content needs.

Choose the level of creative freedom you extend to photographers, including traits of models used, physical setting, product integration, branding guidelines, and more

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Leverage our Creative Suite to activate ad-ready content

Cohley's Creative Suite allows marketers to leverage a variety of easy-to-use creative tools to turn your Cohley assets into ad-optimized content, including video. 

Send assets from your Creative Suite and Content Library to Facebook Business Manager to utilize them in ad campaigns. A/B test ad creative with unique demographics and provide potential consumers with contextually relevant content to improve ad performance. 

Extend the value of your content and drive game-changing results.