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How do I create a Cohley Photos account?

Go to and click “sign up” in the upper right corner.

Do I have to pay to create a Cohley Photos account?

Nope! It’s free to create an account. We do not charge any subscription fees for using our platform. You simply pay for the photos you purchase.

What’s the difference between Cohley and Cohley Photos?

On Cohley, you can run campaigns with content creators to get branded content specifically for your product or service. Cohley Photos is a photo marketplace where you can purchase existing unbranded content and gain the full licensed rights to the photos.

I have a Cohley account for running branded photo campaigns. Do I need a new login for Cohley Photos?

Yes. Your Cohley account will be completely separate from your Cohley Photos account. Please make a new login for Cohley Photos to access the unbranded photo marketplace!


How do I purchase a photo?

Once you’ve chosen a photo and selected either exclusive or non-exclusive rights, select the green purchase button. You’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information through Stripe. From there, the photo will be available for you for download in the purchased photos tab.

How are payments processed through Cohley Photos? How do I set up an account?

Cohley uses a secure payment system called Stripe for all transactions. When you select your first photo for purchase, you'll be asked to enter a payment method through a Stripe pop-up window. 

Are there any limitations to how I can use the photos I purchase on Cohley Photos?

What’s the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive?

Exclusive rights grant you full ownership of the photo. This no longer allows others to purchase or use the photo on public platforms such as social media or ads. By selecting non-exclusive rights, other Cohley users may also purchase and use this photo in marketing material.


What is the best way to find specific types of photos?

Use the search bar to search for important key words that match your desired photo subject. Try to start with a broad search. For instance, “Dog sleeping on beach” may be too specific, but searching for “dog beach”will likely return more results that match what you are looking for. Experimenting with different keywords for the same subject can also help you find a larger variety of photos. For instance, try searching “dog,” but also “pets” and “puppy.”

What happens when I save a photo?

Clicking “save” on a photo adds the photo to your Saved Photos library, which you can access by selecting Saved Photos at the top of your dashboard. Saving a photo doesn’t grant you any rights to the photo, but it does allow you to organize the photos you like before making a purchase.