What is the difference between Cohley and Cohley Photos?

Cohley is a platform that connects content creators directly with brands to create branded content specific for their product or service. Cohley Photos is a photo marketplace that allows you to upload unbranded photos you already own and sell the rights to your photos to brands.

I already have a Cohley account. Do I still need to create a separate Cohley Photos account?

Yes. Your Cohley account will be completely separate from your Cohley Photos account. You can use the same email address on the accounts, but the two accounts will not be connected. Navigate to to login to Cohley. Navigate to to login to Cohley Photos.

How do I create an account?

Go to and click “sign up” in the upper right corner. You will need to create a Stripe account (or connect an existing Stripe account) and upload at least 3 photos as part of the account set up process.

Why do I need to create a Stripe account?

Cohley Photos uses a secure payment system called Stripe to ensure that you can receive secure payments every time a brand purchases one of your photos. You cannot create a Cohley Photos account without first connecting a Stripe account to your Cohley Photos profile. If you already have a Stripe account, you’ll simply need to login to your existing account. You will NOT have to create a new Stripe account.


What types of photos are acceptable to upload to Cohley Photos?

All photos must be unbranded. This means that absolutely no logos can be showing in the photos, even if just in the background. Cohley Photos also does not allow any content with nudity or profanity.

To increase your chances of selling your photos, only upload high-quality, professional images. Think about what types of images that brands would be proud to use in their marketing channels or website design.

What is the difference between exclusive and non exclusive rights?

With a Non-Exclusive purchase, you retain the right to resell the content but also grant non-exclusive usage rights to the buyer.

With an Exclusive purchase, you relinquish the rights to the content, and the Buyers full ownership of the content. You cannot resell these images to other brands and it will be removed from Cohley Photos.

How much can I make on each photo?

For a Non-Exclusive purchase, you will make $7.20 per photo.

For an Exclusive purchase, you will make $18.00 per photo.

How do I upload more photos?

Select “Upload Photos” at the top of the dashboard and either drag or select your desired photo files. Make sure that the photos are unbranded and that you feel comfortable releasing ownership of your content. Once you’ve selected a few photos, select Publish for Sale in the upper right-hand corner of the upload window. Once published, your photos will automatically be visible to buyers and added to the Photos for Sale tab.

How do I know when one of my photos has been purchased?

You’ll receive an email from us each time someone buys one of your photos. The photo will also appear in your Purchased Photos folder.

When can I expect to receive payment?

After a photo is purchased, Stripe can take up to 7-10 days to fully process a transaction, so if you don’t see a change in your account balance immediately, don’t sweat it. 


Why do I need to tag my photos?

Adding tags and descriptions to your photos will allow buyers to find your photos when searching for relevant keywords. To increase your chances of your photo being discovered and purchased, you should add as many relevant tags to your photos as you can.

What’s the difference between a tag and description?

Both tags and descriptions help your photos get discovered by buyers when search for relevant keywords. Tags should be words or phrases associated with your photo. Descriptions can be a couple short sentences on what can be found in the photo.


How do I change my password?

Click your name in the upper right corner, then click “change password.”

How do I unlist a photo?

Navigate to the “Photos for Sale” tab at the top of the dashboard and select the photo you’d like to unlist. Click “Withdraw from Sale” to move the photo into the “Unlisted Photos” tab. Any photos in the “Unlisted Photos” tab will not be available for brands to purchase in the photo marketplace.

How do I delete a photo from Cohley Photos?

Start by unlisting the photo. Once it’s withdrawn, click on the photo in the Unlisted Photos tab and select remove.

How do I make an unlisted photo available for sale again?

Click on the photo in the Unlisted Photos tab and click List Photo for Sale.