How Rainbow Optx Brought Their Mercury Frames Out of Retrograde and Into Fashion


The Challenge

Rainbow Optx was looking to drive awareness of their latest product launch, the Mercury frames, using authentic content that drove sales and could scale across social channels. Generating a diverse, quality portfolio of marketing material is difficult, especially for a young brand. RainbowOPTX’s vibrant line of mood-boosting sunglasses became a music festival favorite when the company launched in 2013, but as they grew generating ample amounts of content and scaling their influencer efforts proved to be major challenges.


The Solution

Working with Cohley's Neemo Creators was the perfect solution for this fast growing brand. Previously, RainbowOPTX had limited success reaching out to large influencers directly. Instead, they tapped Cohley's Neemo Creators who boast smaller, yet hyper engaged, loyal followings to help them create content and spread the world about their new Mercury frames. RainbowOPTX selected 20 Neemo creators who fit their brand image. These creators generated over 160 photos for their digital and social campaigns. When testing the Cohley Content in their social ads, they found that performance skyrocketed.

We love our Cohley content! We get a perfect mix of high quality, sharp photos shot on both iPhones and professional cameras. This mix of photos have helped us develop an awesome content strategy.
— Miranda, RainbowOPTX

The Results

Working with Cohley, RainbowOPTX remedied their two major pain points of content generation and scaling their influencer efforts, while also increasing sales and efficiency. Cohley's up and coming Neemo creators produced a diverse collection of authentic photos at a fraction of the cost of professional shoots. Using this content in high-performing social ads, RainbowOPTX decreased their cost per acquisition by 44% and their return on ad spend skyrocketed to 91%. RainbowOPTX still has a content library full of untapped content they know will help them drive incredible results and they know they can turn to Cohley's creators when they're ready to add even more.


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