The Challenge

Drive awareness around the release of the Mercury frames while creating authentic, effective content for RainbowOPTX’s growing brand. From there, they wanted to reactivate that content in social ads.


How Cohley Helped

Generating a diverse, quality portfolio of marketing material is difficult, especially for a young brand. RainbowOPTX’s vibrant line of mood-boosting sunglasses became a music festival favorite when the company launched in 2013, but as they grew generating ample amounts of content and scaling their influencer efforts proved to be major challenges. 

A "Neemo" Cohley campaign was the perfect solution for this growing company. After having limited success contacting larger influencers directly, they used Cohley to streamline and launch a micro-influencer campaign around the release of their new Mercury frames. By using Cohley, RainbowOPTX was able to remedy two major pain points; Content generation and scaling their influencer efforts. 

We loved the content, it was a perfect mix of high quality, sharp photos shot on both iPhones and professional cameras. This mix of photos have helped us develop an awesome content strategy.
— Miranda, RainbowOPTX

In summary

By running a Neemo campaign, up-and-coming creators were able to produce an diverse collection of authentic photos for them that they then used to run high-performing social ads. For a fraction of the cost of professional shoots, RainbowOPTX has built and continues to build a content library containing hundreds of images that helps drive incredible results. 

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