The Challenge

reTREAT started from scratch in early 2018. A critical component of the launch was having enough great content to create their website and ecommerce experience, populate their social media channels and power their Facebook and Instagram ads.

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retreat & Cohley: How we helped

Within the highly competitive food and beverage space, both well established brands and the new brands on the block are clamoring for market share. When there are 20+ different types of bottled water that you can purchase at your local corner store, for example, how does a company create genuine customer loyalty?

For recently launched reTREAT, who makes and distributes four different tropical fruit juices, their aim is to differentiate themselves with great content.

reTREAT turned to Cohley to generate the content that they needed to introduce themselves to the world and put their best foot forward from day one. They wanted the content to be bright and aspirational, but they also needed content that was diverse.

Generating content that could tell a unique and compelling story across all of their digital channels was the goal, and that’s exactly what they achieved via their relationship with Cohley.

Needless to say, launching a brand from scratch isn’t the easiest thing to do. We didn’t just need content, we needed powerful content that would help us tell a compelling story and form an authentic connection with consumers. That’s exactly what Cohley helped us do.

In summary

reTREAT will continue to leverage Cohley to generate cost-effective, high-performing content to utilize on their website, on their social channels and in their email marketing campaigns. Perhaps most importantly, their ongoing focus on growing ecommerce sales means that they need their digital ads to perform. They’ll continue to run a variety of campaigns on Cohley with the close guidance of our Strategy team.

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