Cohley helps Schmidt’s generate high-performing, cost effective content at scale and power a data-driven influencer strategy to reach the right audiences with authentic, powerful messaging. Below, we’ll highlight the three ways we can replicate our success with Schmidt’s to Unilever brands that are both US and Internationally focused.

Generate Content

With content demands higher than they’ve ever been, brands need trusted partners to help mitigate the risk of content fatigue and optimize content performance across digital channels.

Cohley is becoming the central content repository for Schmidt’s at a cost-per-image of $23. Relative to professional photo shoots that average $250 - $500 an image and yield monotonous content, Cohley helps Schmidt’s generate higher volumes of diverse content (like the samples on this page) that will lead to more effective A/B testing and higher conversions.

Influencer Strategy

Establishing and maintaining great influencer programs is a non-negotiable for today’s top brands, particularly if they’re selling to Millennials.

Messaging from influencers is viewed as 90% more trustworthy to consumers than messaging directly from brands, and Cohley’s data and strategic support ensure that brands are collaborating with the right people, reaching the right audiences and constantly refining their efforts. Here are some Schmidt’s metrics through two campaigns;


International Support

Cohley can help generate great content and power influencer campaigns for Unilever brands around the world. With our Neemo Classifier, we can identify and engage influencers and content creators based on location and other traits. For example, if Dove UK needed to work with influencers and generate content via “mom bloggers” based in England, Cohley could facilitate that activation.