When Cohley Neemo and Influencer Campaigns Prove a Natural Fit for Schmidt’s


The Challenge

Schmidt’s is changing the way you think about “natural”, proving that the future of personal care is in the plant and mineral-powered formulas that actually work. Because their entire brand mantra is centered around sustainability and natural ingredients, they developed a very specific brand aesthetic and values that needed to be conveyed through their content.

With content demands higher than they’ve ever been, Schmidt’s needed a trusted partner to help mitigate the risk of content fatigue and optimize content performance across digital channels. Schmidt’s was looking to drive awareness for their latest product launches while simultaneously building a repository for content to repurpose in marketing channels. They wanted to work with a mix of micro and power influencers to drive brand awareness and generate quality content to match their specific aesthetic. The influencers needed to be a good brand fit while also being a high quality content creator. But generating ample amounts of content and scaling their influencer efforts simultaneously proved to be a time consuming and difficult task on their own.


The Solution

Schmidt’s used Cohley to run monthly Influencer and Neemo campaigns, targeting lifestyle and beauty influencers who could organically speak to their love of Schmidt’s natural products while also producing high quality content.

Using Cohley’s Neemo offering, Schmidt’s worked with nano/micro influencers in exchange for product only in conjunction with paid partnerships.

With Cohley’s targeted campaign abilities, Schmidt’s vetted through many high quality applicants. Ultimately, this allowed Schmidt’s to be extremely selective in accepting only the best Cohley Creators who fit their brand values and were also able to shoot high quality photos specific to fit the Schmidt’s aesthetic.

The Results

Cohley became the central content repository for Schmidt’s who drove an average cost-per-image of $23. Relative to professional photo shoots that average $250 - $500 an image and yield monotonous content, Cohley helps Schmidt’s generate higher volumes of diverse content (like the samples on this page) that helps them execute a more effective A/B testing and drive higher ad conversions.

Running influencer campaigns on Cohley also allowed Schmidt’s to be highly selective in accepting 15-20 top influencers each month to post about Schmidt’s on social media in an authentic voice.

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