Run Campaigns

  • Run campaigns and garner submissions from great influencers who align with the campaign's goals
  • Streamline your efforts and save hours in efficiency
  • Use data-driven audience targeting to reach your target demographic
  • Generate a ton of high-performing content

Measure success

  • Understand campaign performance at every level
  • Makes reporting on key metrics a breeze
  • Measure the media value and the ROI of your individual collaborations and campaign as a whole
  • Use Performance data to identify potential long-term brand ambassadors 


Neemo content campaigns

  • Neemo campaigns are run with our segmented "Neemo" creators
  • Neemos are our up-and-coming creators identified by Cohley's unique algorithm
  • Build relationships early on with these creators before they hit the mainstream 
  • Generate high-performing assets at a fraction of the price; All Neemos are vetted for their content skills

Sales Tracker

  • Generate unique tracking links right on your Cohley dashboard
  • Report on campaign traffic, orders and bottom-line revenue right on the platform
  • Use Instagram Stories and blog-based collaborations to naturally integrate unique links

content library & personalized recs

  • Store your rights-approved assets in an organized Content Library
  • Seamlessly reactivate those assets on social media channels, on your site, in ads, etc. 
  • Replace costly photo shoots that yield monotonous content that underwhelms with Millennials
  • Personalized content recommendations within the Library identify your top-performing assets

Activate Content

  • In one click, send your Cohley assets to Facebook and Instagram ads manager
  • A/B test your content against your standard creative and improve ad performance
  • Measure the success of your social ads that include Cohley content right on the dashboard
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