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Support Product Launches

As a consumer brand you know that a great product launch is essential for a new product's success in the market. Cohley supports product launches by enabling brands to drive awareness via Influencers, build trust via proactive product review creation, and scale high-quality creative to support your paid and conversion channels. 

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Generate UGC & professional photography to support launches

Pulling together the right mix of assets to support a launch is time consuming and expensive. Cohley enables brands to generate the widest breadth of content in half the time and half of the price of traditional shoots.


Proactively gather product reviews to be live at time of launch

Launching a new product without product reviews introduces a risk. Product pages with less than 50 product reviews can impact conversion rates by 30%, and retailers like Target and Walmart require having reviews right at launch.


Generate launch awareness with influencer posting & creator licensing

Discover the best influencers who actively want to work with your brand. Leverage Cohley's workflows to streamline ad whitelisting to increase brand trust and drive website traffic.

Learn how Hemp Black leaned on Cohley to support a product launch

"The reviews for me were extraordinarily powerful, and not just from the five star reviews, but also from the context - the voice, how people were using the product, and why they liked the product. We got a focus group of 25 people on for the launch of this pant just from doing the reviews campaign in conjunction with the launch."

Tom Carberry, VP of Merchandising + Design at Hemp Black


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