When Performance Matters for both Activewear and Content


The Challenge

Since 2009, tasc Performance has been a leader in the innovation and reinvention of performance apparel. Over the last ten years, tasc has exponentially expanded its collection of women’s activewear and men’s “athleisure” and they’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon. To showcase its diverse range of products and overall appeal to all genders, the tasc team needed a content engine to help populate its social channels and improve ad performance.

tasc Performance Bar.png

The Solution

To help achieve their lofty content goals, tasc Performance used Cohley’s Smart Matchtechnology to identify top creators according to specific criteria: Male and female content creators who live highly active, adventurous lifestyles. The team then sent these creators products from the men’s or women’s collections and had creators feature their products in a variety of settings.

Throughout the course of the campaign, tasc accumulated over 200 high quality photos that showcased the brand’s versatile product line, and they’ve since reactivated these photos both in ads and across social media channels. With the cost per photo coming out to $8.65, tasc saw immense cost savings. The industry average for an original, branded photo is $75+ per photo.

The extremely user-friendly platform has allowed us to identify and collaborate with a wide range of incredibly talented creators, ultimately allowing us to scale our influencer program exponentially. What’s more, their team of experts are exceedingly helpful and overwhelmingly informed when it comes to navigating every aspect of influencer campaigns. What was once a daunting and nightmarish process of back-and-forth emails, spreadsheets, and invoicing is now a streamlined and standardized process with direct marketing objectives.
— Drake Boudreaux, Content & Social Media Manager @ tasc Performance

The Result

By leveraging Cohley's extensive network of creators, tasc Performance was able to acquire a content library of on-brand lifestyle content to promote both its men’s and women’s line. The diversity of settings featured in each piece of content helped highlight the brand’s versatility, and the entire content library was generated at a fraction of the cost of a professional photoshoot.


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