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Content is the connective tissue between brands and consumers throughout the buying journey. Power engaging influencer activations and generate short-form videos, captivating photos, and authentic product reviews to drive growth across digital channels.
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"Cohley has been instrumental in supporting our team as we’ve built and scaled our content strategy across several digital channels."

Rachel LaBerge
Rachel LaBerge
Content Marketing Associate Manager, Nature's Way
We surveyed 389 shoppers about their food buying habits. Here's what they said.
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Optimize ad performance

Generate content to fuel data-driven ad testing, including UGC videos with varying ad hooks.

Boost ecom conversion

You've driven would-be consumers to your site. Now turn them into happy customers.

Support retailer relationships

Scale retailer specific assets to optimize the visual shelf and drive retailer sales via organic and paid efforts.

Launch a new product

We'll help you make sure it's a smashing success with influencers for awareness, content for ads, and reviews for conversion.

Grow organic social

Channel-specific content to ensure that you join the party with the right outfit on.

Get started

Start generating photos, videos and reviews.
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Diverse, talented Creators with a wide variety of skill sets


Creators are diverse in every sense of the word.

Content specialty

Creators are skilled in short-form UGC video, photography & product reviews.

Channel focus

Creators specialize in Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest & Amazon.


Creators vary across ages, with 58% Millenials & 35% Gen Z.

Content is 100% yours in perpetuity

Wave goodbye to the empty hours spent sourcing UGC, lock in global rights in perpetuity to the content you generate, and proactively set Creator compensation to avoid awkward negotiations. Cohley handles the heavy lifting so you don't have to.
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How it works

A better way to generate the content you need to drive growth

Creative Briefs

Specify exactly what content you need with Creative Briefs. Lean on Finn, your AI collaborator, to set creative instructions based on brand guidelines and use case.

Creator Vetting

Creator Vetting helps you find the right match. Discover Creators based on content creation skills, social analytics, demographic data, and customizable first party creator data.

Creator Management

Remove back and forth negotiations, manage Creators by stage, and seamlessly handle payments. Our creative management tools knock out the busy work so you can focus on what's strategic.

Content Library

The Content Library is your home for organizing the assets you've generated on the platform. Share assets and commentary with team members and activate your photos, videos, and reviews from central hub.


Content has zero value if it's not activated strategically on digital channels. Send your content to your Meta or TikTok Business Managers and leverage our integrations to push your product reviews to your website and syndicate them out to retail partners.

Performance Metrics

Track the performance of your influencer campaigns with Performance Metrics our in-depth performance data. View and share engagement metrics and audience demographics to better understand what's resonating with your audience.
How is Cohley different from an agency or network of creators?
Cohley is a visual content generation platform that doubles as your new all-in-one creator management solution (payment, chat, content generation, licensing – all using first party creator data.)

Whether you’re looking for visual content to help tell your brand’s story or searching for more creative to test in your ads and improve your conversion rates, Cohley’s platform connects you with a wide array of diverse creators who are ready to provide the content you need to deliver transformational value to your brand.
What types of content can I generate on the Cohley platform?
Cohley helps brands generate photos, short-form videos, and product reviews. The platform allows you to generate both UGC and professional branded content optimized for social, email, site creative, key retailers like Amazon, and more. You’ll have content usage rights in perpetuity.
What is the process to receive the assets? How long does it take?
1. Launch a Brief
Think of a Brief as a job posting for Creators outlining the content you're looking to generate.

2. Select the Creators
At Cohley, the Creators come to you. Choose from our pre-vetted content Creators who are actively applying to work with you on your terms.

3. Receive Content
Once Creators receive the product, they'll generate content based on what you've outlined in your brief.

While you can see content as soon as 4 weeks from Brief launch, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to build timelines that align with your team's needs.
Is Cohley an Influencer Platform?
Cohley is first and foremost a content generation platform but yes, we do have influencer capabilities that are on par with influencer platforms like GRIN, Mavrck and Hashtag Paid.

We believe that leveraging Creators for their content and creative abilities is a more impactful strategy for achieving strategic goals, and if your ONLY goal is to scale up your influencer efforts we'd recommend going elsewhere.
What types of brands use Cohley?
We work with everyone from "disruptor" brands like Imperfect Foods, Rhone, and TOMS to heritage enterprise companies like CVS and Henkel to help them generate content at scale and drive growth across digital channels.

Typically, consumer brands with a focus on eCommerce (DTC or retail), do $10m+ in annual revenue and have 15+ products are a great fit for Cohley, but there are exceptions.
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