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Ruiz Foods

How Ruiz Foods Transformed Frozen Food Branding Through Content Engineering

of consumers chose El Monterey as the most authentic frozen foods brand vs. competitive brands
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How Ruiz Foods Transformed Frozen Food Branding Through Content Engineering


Ruiz Foods, a prominent name in the frozen food sector, sought to better understand its brand identity, focusing on its flagship product line, El Monterey. Facing evolving consumer expectations towards authenticity and nutrition, the goal was to better understand frozen food shoppers’ current perception of their brand as well as how shoppers perceive competitors in the space. These insights would feed into Cohley’s Content Engineering engine to generate visual assets at scale that performs best with consumers.


Leveraging Cohley’s robust network of everyday consumers, Ruiz Foods was able to tap into their target demographic of frozen food shoppers to collect an emotional and functional profile for their brand. In 14 days, Ruiz Foods, alongside Cohley’s consumer insights software offering, was able to secure a holistic profile of where they sit in the Frozen Foods ecosystem.


Cohley’s Consumer Insights offering provided Ruiz Foods with a Functional profile that highlighted their advantages… 

  • Family-owned brand (4.0/5)
  • Good for the whole family (3.3/5)
  • Made with recognizable ingredients (3.3/5)
  • Shares my values (3.2/5)

As well as a robust Emotional Profile centered around traditional, trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and quality relative to competitors such as Hot Pockets and José Olé that frozen food shoppers view as nostalgic, comforting, convenient, easygoing, and indulgent.

Chart showing findings that consumers perceive El Monterey to be primarily traditional.

Content Engineering at work

Ruiz Foods leaned on this data to drive their Cohley UGC and Professional photography Briefs, having Creators highlight families sharing their mealtime experiences with El Monterey and emphasizing the brand’s role in enhancing family bonds. Further tapping into Cohley’s Content Engineering engine, Ruiz Foods was able to craft a data driven visual message that equally highlights their brand’s heritage and ingredient transparency. Subsequently, Ruiz food was able to activate high performing assets across social, ecommerce, email, and retailers.