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Cohley for Growth Marketing

Test better creative & optimize for growth

Move the ROAS needle with cutting-edge, channel-specific creative.
Test more ads

Generate content faster with AI

  • Leverage Finn, Cohley’s AI Assistant, to  generate new hooks and messaging

  • Write Creative Briefs quickly without re-inventing the wheel

  • Reduce creative cycles by reformatting images and videos for multiple platforms

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Group 236
Channel-specific content

Generate the right content with Creative Briefs and Vetting

  • Vet Creators based on performance metrics, ratings and reviews, and view their curated portfolios.

  • Easily filter Creators by demographic data to ensure alignment with your brand guidelines.

Performance metrics

Double down on the creative that works

  • Reporting tools to understand  in-depth performance metrics

  • Convert influencer posts to Branded Partnership ads

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