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Cohley Managed Services Plans

Voice of the Shopper

Today's discerning consumers rely on other consumers to make educated buying decisions. Voice of the Shopper is NOT your polished social video. Real text and video reviews helps brands implement a powerful, authentic, always-on strategy that leads to sales lift, higher conversion rates on brand and retail product pages.
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See Voice of the Shopper video reviews

Video Reviews 🤝 Text Reviews

Why brands need text & video reviews

  • Improved SEO

  • Increased on-site engagement

  • Caters to today's more visual consumer

  • Heightens consumer confidence

Why do video reviews perform so well?

  • They're authentic

  • The help inform page visitors

  • They're interactive

  • The create trust and connection

How it works

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Cohley recruits reviewers to create a curated community of consumers for your brand.
  • Reviewer Recruitment, Communication, and Education
  • Data Gathering and Comprehensive Product Feedback
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Reviewers generate real text and video reviews and share product insights through surveys.
  • Video, Photo & Text Reviews
  • Usage Rights in Perpetuity
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Cohley reports sales lift, search rank, conversion rates and overall ROI to measure impact.
  • Measure Critical KPIs and Overall ROI
  • Improve Content Quality Scorecards and Gather Deep Insights
Why Voice of the Shopper?

Consumer behavior has changed. It’s time for a new way.

Total ecommerce spend has skyrocketed up 55% since 2020 and 95% of consumers say peer advice and online reviews influence their purchase decisions. With Voice of the Shopper, increase brand authenticity with ratings, reviews, and testimonial videos. It’s your secret sauce to sales lift, conversions, and search rank.

Old way

Static product pages, studio photos only, minimal and/or outdated product reviews.

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New way

Product pages that are dynamically updated to incorporate performance insights and sales data, video testimonials from authentic consumers, and product reviews that are constantly updated and optimized for conversion.

Frequently asked questions

What's included in Voice of the Shopper?

Cohley's Managed Services include (1) reviewer recruitment, communication, and education, (2) consumer community building and surveys, and (3) insights, reporting and survey results.

Does my brand retain usage rights to assets generated with Cohley?

Yes. You have usage rights in perpetuity to text and video reviews.

How does Voice of the Shopper help my brand?

Voice of the shopper supports retail partnerships, powers successful product launches, and optimizes web content.

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