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Full-Funnel Platform

Video, photos, and product reviews – made easy

Cohley’s Full-Funnel Platform enables top brands to generate the content they need to drive growth across digital channels.
Collage showcasing the Cohley User Generated Content Brief interface alongside social media images of a woman engaging in a shopping experience.
Blue video camera icon.

For videos

Entertain, educate, and engage your audience with creator-generated videos that are built for the modern-day scroller.
Blue picture frame icon.

For photos

Connect with your audience by featuring relatable and aspirational photography across your marketing channels.
Icon of a thought bubble with three stars, representing reviews.

For product reviews

Improve conversions and build social proof with high-quality product sampling for reviews.
It all starts with Creative Briefs

Cut down on creative cycles

Briefs powered by Cohley's AI Brief writing assistant, Finn, ensure Creators thoroughly understand the deliverables that you're looking for. All Briefs include crisp timelines, pre-set Creator budgets, and visual content examples - key elements for setting expectations and creating alignment with Creators.
Screenshot of the Cohley User Generated Content Brief product interface, set against a light blue abstract blob background.
Screenshot of the Creator Portfolio functionality, set against a mint green abstract blob background.
Collaborate with Creators

Collaborate with Creators who resonate with your audience

Our innovative platform uses first party data to connect you with Creators who align with your brand and specific content requirements. Lean on Creator ratings, their curated portfolios, and view their previously submitted content with other Cohley clients to ensure they're a fit for you. 
Streamline your workflows

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clogged inboxes

Managing omni-channel content production has never been easier. With Cohley’s Platform you can communicate with Creators, send product via our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations, and pay Creators with our PayPal integration. 
Screenshot of the chat functionality set against a periwinkle abstract blob background.
Case study

How OrangeTheory reduced cost per lead on TikTok by 68% with Cohley

OrangeTheory diversified the Creators featured in their content with Cohley’s Full-Funnel Platform.
Photograph of a woman seated on a yoga mat.