Frequently asked questions

You've got questions? We've got answers.
How is Cohley different from an agency or network of creators?
Cohley is a visual content generation platform that doubles as your new all-in-one creator management solution (payment, chat, content generation, licensing – all using first party creator data.) Whether you’re looking for visual content to help tell your brand’s story or searching for more creative to test in your ads and improve your conversion rates, Cohley’s platform connects you with a wide array of diverse creators who are ready to provide the content you need to deliver transformational value to your brand.
What types of content does Cohley’s solution provide?
Cohley helps brands generate photos, videos, and e-commerce product reviews. The platform allows you to generate both UGC and professional  branded content optimized for social, email, website creative, PDPs, Amazon and more. The use cases are endless because you’ll have content usage rights in perpetuity across all channels.
What is the process to receive the assets? How long does it take?
1. Launch a Brief
Think of this as a job posting for creators outlining the content you're looking for.

2. Select the Creators
At Cohley, the creators come to you. Choose from our pre-vetted content creators who are applying to work with your brand.

3. Receive Content
Once creators receive product, they'll generate content based on what you've outlined in your brief. You’ll have usage rights to all submitted content in perpetuity.

While you can see content as soon as 4 weeks from brief launch, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to build timelines that align with your team's needs.
Is Cohley an Influencer Platform?
Cohley is first and foremost a content generation platform. While we do have creators in the platform with influential follower counts, we believe that leveraging creators for their content and creative abilities is a more impactful strategy for reaching potential customers. The ROI potential from leveraging UGC to increase your marketing and ad performance can be far greater than the reach from a one time social post. That’s why you have usage rights in perpetuity to all submitted content.
What types of brands use Cohley?
We've helped disruptor brands like Imperfect Foods, Rhone, and Harry’s, all the way up to heritage and Fortune 500 companies like CVS Pharmacy and Unilever generate content at scale.

Typically, consumer brands with a focus on eCommerce (D2C or retail) and have 15+ products are a great fit for Cohley.
How many creators does Cohley have?
Cohley has 50,000+ pre-vetted Creators, and are adding thousands more monthly. At Cohley, creators apply to work with you so that you don’t have to conduct your own creator recruitment and outreach. The average Cohley brief has 100+ creator applicants.
Do I have to pay extra for usage rights to the content?
Nope! Cohley’s worked it out with the creators upfront, you’ll own the rights to that content in perpetuity.
How do I ship my product to creators?
With Cohley’s Shopify and BigCommerce integrations, you can automate creator product shipment and tracking numbers so you can get products to creators without lifting a finger. If you’re not using Shopify or BigCommerce, you can easily pull a list of Creator addresses from the Cohley platform and ship products manually.
Do I get to choose the creators I work with?
Yes! After creators have applied to your brief, use filters to help you narrow down the applicants. Each creator showcases their prior work, social media, reviews, and speaks to why they want to work with you on each brief.
What kind of 1st party data does Cohley collect on creators?
Cohley creator profiles include age, gender, ethnicity, hair type, interests, location, children, pets, and video skills. Additionally, you can ask a yes/no question when launching your brief to reduce the time it takes to vet creators.
How many assets can I generate?
As many as you need! Cohley does not limit the amount of creators you can work with or number of assets you can generate on each brief. Your creator compensation budget should align with how many assets you’re requesting from each creator.
How do I access the content I generate in Cohley?
All accepted content automatically gets saved in a Content Library and is owned by you in perpetuity. From the library you can send files to an external email address or download directly to your device. Need to get the files to an external source on a regular basis? Talk to our product team!
How do I pay creators?
Cohley has five ways to pay creators: Shopify charge, Paypal, credit card, invoice, or this can be included in your agreement. Let us know which one you prefer.
How much should I pay each creator?
For User Generated Content (UGC) Cohley recommends $200 per video and $40 per photo as a starting point and a minimum of $200 per creator.

For Professional Photography, Cohley recommends $75 per edited photo and a $750 minimum per creator. Professional videography requires custom pricing and should be discussed with your Cohley CSM.

Product Review Sampling must be product exchange only, as the FTC prohibits cash compensation for text reviews.
How do I get reviews generated through Cohley on my website?
Cohley partners with BazaarVoice, Yotpo, Okendo,, and Power Reviews. Let us know which partner is displaying your reviews and if you use another partner for syndication to retailers. Your CSM will ensure we have the correct credentials before you start. Looking to switch vendors? Not a problem! You own these reviews and can easily download them to upload into a new platform at any time.
What type of creators are on the Cohley platform?
Cohley creators range from professional photographers, to influencers, to product reviewers. Each creator has opted in to the Cohley platform to look for opportunities to partner with brands. The type of brief (professional, UGC, or product review) you launch on the Cohley platform will affect what the type of creator applies to work with your brand.

Social follower counts generally range from under 1,000 to over 500K. If you’re looking to work with celebrity influencers with over 1M followers, you won’t find them on Cohley. The platform prioritizes creators who can generate quality UGC and professional assets, not necessarily their social reach.