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Personalize at scale

Cohley helps you personalize at scale by providing engaging photos that are as diverse and varied as your audience. The Cohley Creator Marketplace is overflowing with people from various regions, backgrounds, and lifestyles, which means you can tailor your media to meet your audience where they are now and wherever they go next.

From midwestern mothers aged 30-45 to Gen Z vegans on the West Coast and everywhere in between, Cohley has the Creators to match whoever you’re targeting.

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Photos for every channel

Cohley gives you the flexibility to generate photos for a variety of marketing channels and use cases. Create lifestyle and UGC content for peak relatability, or professional content for a more polished look via Cohley’s marketplace of professional photographers.

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Built-in usage rights

With Cohley, you’ll never send a rights agreement. That’s because we’ve pre-determined full usage rights into every creator collaboration that happens on Cohley. You can rest easy knowing that your Cohley Content is yours to use whenever, wherever—forever.

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Although seasonal content doesn’t stay relevant for as long as evergreen content, its peak relevance is much higher. CVS Pharmacy used the holiday seasons as an opportunity to connect with customers during key purchase intent periods.

  • Generate substantial growth in social impressions 
  • Earn licensed rights to all Creator-generated assets in perpetuity
  • Gain the ability to repurpose the content across their own organic social channels + paid social ads
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FAQs about Cohley's Photography Offering

What kind of photos can Cohley creators produce?
  1. UGC from UGC creators
  2. Professional assets via our professional photographers
Where can we use these photos?

You get content that’s 100% yours - forever.

Eliminate hours spent sourcing user-generated content, negotiating creator rights, and managing creator compensation.

Are the images going to be ad-ready or do we need to edit them ourselves?

You'll get the raw images and have full range to do whatever you want with them! Having the raw images makes it easier to use that creative anywhere, and that's even more important because Cohley gives you built-in usage rights. Use your images in as many spots as you want!

Some editing may be required, but be sure to check with your creator to see how they can help.