TikTok Creative Brief Template 2.0


TikTok is always changing and updating, so we're following suit.

Thousands of people used the first iteration of Cohley’s TikTok Creative Brief Template to generate scroll-stopping content for their paid and organic TikTok campaigns. This new and improved version contains:

  • Powerful TikTok tips forged from hundreds of successful campaigns on Cohley

  • Compelling stats on the power of TikTok and how to capitalize on its algorithm 

  • Expert guidance on creative requirements, content specifications, compensation, and more

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49% of TikTok users purchase from brands on the app1. Couple that with the fact that the platform has more than 1 billion users and you're looking at a pretty compelling reason for your brand to be advertising there. Don't wait any longer. Download Cohley's Ultimate TikTok Creative Brief template to get started now!



1. AdWeek - Nearly Half of TikTokers Are Buying Stuff From Brands They See on the Platform