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Set your video strategy in motion

Cohley gives you access to thousands of video Creators at your fingertips. Simply define your creative requirements and let top Creators come to you to generate video content in a variety of styles such as unboxings, testimonials, tutorials, and beyond.

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Short-form success

Cohley is a leading provider of short-form videos for TikTok, Reels, YouTube, and beyond. As one of TikTok’s first Creative Exchange partners, Cohley has generated over 50,000 TikTok videos. We have the track record, know-how, and tools to help you TikTok your way to short-form glory.

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Built-in usage rights

With Cohley, you’ll never send a rights agreement. That’s because we’ve pre-determined full usage rights into every creator collaboration that happens on Cohley. You can rest easy knowing that your Cohley Content is yours to use whenever, wherever—forever.

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While Adore Me saw the value of venturing into TikTok to tap into a younger demographic, testing a new platform and generating “fun video content,” they had never ventured into the TikTok world prior to working with Cohley. They wanted to give content creators the creative freedom to express themselves with their Adore Me lingerie authentically on the platform without giving up complete creative control.

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