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CVS Pharmacy Wins with Seasonal Relevance

Although seasonal content doesn’t stay relevant for as long as evergreen content, its peak relevance is much higher. CVS Pharmacy used the holiday seasons as an opportunity to connect with customers during key purchase intent periods. By doing so, CVS Pharmacy has been able to:

  • Generate substantial growth in social impressions 
  • Earn licensed rights to all Creator-generated assets in perpetuity
  • Gain the ability to repurpose the content across their own organic social channels + paid social ads
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Biaggi Lifted Conversion Rates 29% with Cohley’s Klaviyo Integration

Biaggi tapped into Cohley's integration with Klaviyo to test and identify high converting images. The in-depth data this generated has allowed Biaggi to see everything from clickthrough rates to conversion rates for each product image tested. Using this data, Biaggi has been able to: 

  • Uncover winning assets across their catalog
  • Drive an increase in conversions by 8 - 29% depending on the SKU
  • Improve the performance of abandonment emails 
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Turbie Twist Leverages Cohley to Increase Conversion on Amazon by 44%

Turbie Twist partnered with Cohley to generate diverse user-generated content at scale. Seeing wild engagement and impression growth on social media, Turbie Twist incorporated their top-performing content generated via Cohley into their most important sales channel: Amazon. Since activating Cohley content in all of its Amazon Posts, Turbie Twist has seen: 

  • A 44% lift in conversion
  • A 54% increase in engagement on Amazon Posts
  • An overall increased awareness of the brand
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