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Philz Coffee
Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee: Serving up Revitalized Content with UGC

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Philz Coffee: Serving up Revitalized Content with UGC

Philz Needed to Scale Up Content Generation for New Market Expansions

Philz Coffee is a brand centered around building community. They’re dedicated to engaging with their customers, creating memorable experiences for their fans, and developing the Philz brand to be in line with their mission of bettering people’s days. As Philz continues to grow and expand in new geographical markets, their small marketing team was strapped for resources. They not only needed to scale their content generation efforts across multiple product lines, they also needed content coverage in physical stores to support openings in new markets.



Philz Coffee Leveraged UGC and Location-Specific Creators through Cohley

Philz Coffee leveraged Cohley’s vast network of content creators to generate UGC for the brand. With Cohley’s creator recruitment targeting abilities, they were able to work with location-specific creators to cover store openings in specific geographic markets, while also working with creators across the country to generate product-specific photography by shipping product directly to creators.


"The Cohley platform allows us to put in all the creative guidelines and content requirements to achieve the aesthetic we’re looking for while also scaling our content efforts. We’re literally using this content across all our digital marketing platforms. "

Marketing Communications Manager