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Retail relationships

Take retail partnerships to the next level

It’s never been more important for brands to establish, build and sustain omnichannel success. Naturally, that includes implementing winning strategies on major retailers like Amazon,, and Supporting retail traffic via path-to-purchase influencer activations, optimizing online product pages across retailers with syndicated ratings and reviews, and creating video testimonials to breathe life into product pages are all key pieces of the retail puzzle.

With videos

Strengthen brand presence across channels with user-generated video.

With photos

Improve product pages with professional photos.

With reviews

Influence in-store purchase decisions with reviews and ratings.

Drive in-store traffic

Send Creators in-store to make purchases, generating awareness, highlight path-to-purchase, and generate localized content that can easily be boosted across ad channels.

Improve Content Quality Scores

91% of retailers use scorecards, often called “Content Quality Scores,” to evaluate the health of vendors’ product pages. Eliminate risk by ensuring that your product pages are packed with great product reviews, photos and videos to boost scorecard performance, improve search rank and keep your sales team happy.

Generate retail-specific assets

Tell powerful brand stories within the limited brand real estate you have and improve conversion rates by up to 75% by generating retail-specific content. From short-form UGC video for Amazon product pages to high-quality product photography for Walmart, we’ll ensure that your product pages are fully optimized for conversion.

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Case study

How Pathwater leveraged Cohley content to drive retail growth in CVS

PATH Water partnered with CVS to launch their 7 Day Re-Fillit Challenge to encourage consumers to end the use of single-use plastic bottles by purchasing a PATH Water bottle at their local CVS.