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How Wonderbelly Drove Cyber Monday Sales on Amazon Inspire with Cohley

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How Wonderbelly Drove Cyber Monday Sales on Amazon Inspire with Cohley


In today’s competitive digital marketplace, brands constantly seek innovative strategies to enhance awareness and boost sales. Wonderbelly, a leading wellness brand known for nostalgically flavored Antacids, broke through the noise during Black Friday and Cyber Monday by doing just that. By partnering with Cohley, Wonderbelly developed Creator posts on Amazon Inspire, a shoppable immersive feed tailored to each customer's interests. Their cutting-edge Amazon strategy increased brand discoverability and product page traffic, ultimately driving conversion.


Wonderbelly faced the challenge of cutting through the noise during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period. With an already highly compelling product, they needed to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their Amazon page, and ultimately boost sales, all while engaging potential customers in a meaningful way. 


Wonderbelly collaborated with Cohley, leveraging Cohley’s expertise to activate 35+ Creators registered as Amazon Influencers. These creators generated and posted engaging and authentic videos that highlighted Wonderbelly's benefits and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Videos demonstrated the product's various use cases, including a strong call to action to shop Wonderbelly during the sale.


  • Content Creation: Creators submitted two videos: one for Instagram that mentions the sale period and another evergreen – designed for a longer shelf life.
  • Cross-Platform Promotion: Wonderbelly had the creators post the videos on both Instagram and Amazon Inspire, utilizing a dual-platform approach to maximize reach and engagement. Instagram posts included a call to action, directing followers to their Amazon Storefronts. Inspire posts tagged the corresponding products mentioned in their videos. 
  • Engagement and Urgency: Content highlighted Wonderbelly’s unique selling points and created a sense of urgency by emphasizing the limited-time sale.


Wonderbelly increased Amazon sales, page traffic, and Instagram engagement during the 10-day campaign.

  • Amazon Page Traffic: Wonderbelly’s campaign drove over 6,800 clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content in driving potential customers to their Amazon storefront.
  • Instagram Engagement: Wonderbelly saw an overall increase in average engagement rate on all campaign content, indicating high levels of audience interaction.
  • Sales Impact: Wonderbelly’s campaign not only resulted in immediate sales, but also had a lasting impact.  Evergreen creator videos on the product page drove sales well after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Wonderbelly's partnership with Cohley illustrates the power of testing and leaning into new channels. Wonderbelly realized Amazon Inspire’s potential to advertise products in a new way – and for free. If you already have a social strategy, consider experimenting with Amazon Inspire. Why not work with creators to engage with customers across the #1 shopping destination in the country? 

By leveraging Cohley’s expertise and their Creators’ influence, Wonderbelly significantly increased brand awareness, engaged with a wider audience, and boosted sales during one of the most crucial and competitive sales periods of the year.

“Don't sleep on this tool! This is a great way to increase brand awareness and speak directly to Amazon shoppers as they're browsing the app. Cohley makes it so easy to set up an Amazon Inspire campaign and track the metrics from the campaign itself since this is a new Amazon tool.”

Darby Hogan
Head of Social and Community, Wonderbelly