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Optimize ad performance

Winning ad strategies require diverse, channel-specific content. But finding the right assets to test is hard. From tackling emerging channels to fighting ad fatigue, it's tough to keep up. We understand these obstacles and provide the antidote: high-quality content, at scale, to feed sophisticated testing strategies that translate to consistent success. 
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With videos

Power ad testing on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and more with UGC videos. 
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With photos

Static images convert, too. Generate UGC and Professional Photography for ads. 

Generate channel-specific assets

Different social channels require different video formats, aspect ratios, durations, and quality. You’ll want more elevated professional videos for Amazon ads, whereas Creator-driven video that’s native to the platform performs 7x better in TikTok ads. The content experts at Cohley will ensure that you’re prepared to conquer every acquisition channel that you're prioritizing. 
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Combat ad fatigue

Fresh, diverse assets that feature unique hooks and value propositions help combat ad fatigue. Top performing brands test 11x more content than average - a staggering stat that speaks to the importance of testing. Orangetheory Fitness lowered their cost per lead (CPL) by 68% after scaling up their TikTok creative with Cohley.

Optimize performance

Cohley’s most successful clients are committed to an always-on, “test and learn” approach. Just look at Rhone. They upped the number of ad tests they were running per week from 10-15 to 250+ by leveraging content generated on Cohley, and they drove a 4X increase in ROAS.

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Case study

How Rhone 4X'd ROAS with Cohley

Rhone turned to Cohley to help them massively scale up their content creation efforts for  ad testing on Meta. Rhone increased the number of ad experiments they were running from 10-15 a week to 50+ a day,  driving a 4X increase in ROAS in the process.
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