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How OrangeTheory leverages Cohley UGC videos to optimize ad performance

Decrease in cost per lead
Location specific assets generated in 6 months
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How OrangeTheory leverages Cohley UGC videos to optimize ad performance


West Coast Fitness is a leading franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness. Their Paid Acquisition team was struggling to generate sufficient location-specific videos to feed their paid social efforts and drive down their cost per lead (CPL). 

Initially, they tried to address the problem by creating in-house video content for their TikTok ads. But they faced two problems:

  1. The videos include the same people and shoot locations
  2. The videos could not authentically speak to first-time impressions and feedback on the workout

So how did they overcome these challenges? They teamed up with Cohley to streamline their video content efforts while simultaneously diversifying the Creators featured in their content via Cohley’s well-rounded Creator Network


The West Coast Fitness team leaned on Cohley to cost-effectively generate 100’s of unique UGC videos which drove a 68% decrease in their CPL. To drive down their CPL they focused on tackling 3 key objectives:

  1. Partnering with diverse creators of all ages and fitness levels to emphasize that Orangetheory is for everyone
  2. Showcasing the journey of a new member to tackle the common objection that Orangetheory is intimidating to join
  3. Highlight current prospect promotions to lower the barrier to entry of signing up for your first class

Using Cohley’s streamlined UGC platform and tried-and-true Creative Brief process, West Coast Fitness was able to attract a 1,000’s of diverse Creators that could create UGC video content around key value propositions. 


West Coast Fitness was able to generate and secure rights to 100’s of unique UGC videos across a variety of diverse creators and shoot locations.  

As a result, West Coast Fitness was able to personalize their TikTok ads to drive down their cost per lead by 68%

"Cohley has been instrumental in helping us achieve our customer acquisition goals. We plan to continue working with Cohley Creators to generate more content for TikTok ads, and we're excited about all the possibilities that this partnership will bring us in the future."

Nate Matzelle
Paid Media