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Grillin’ up Content Diversity with Cohley

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Grillin’ up Content Diversity with Cohley

Kingsford Charcoal: Adapting to Stay on the Throne of BBQ

Clorox-owned Kingsford Charcoal has been bringing friends and family together with delicious BBQ since 1920. Real pit-masters know that gas grills don’t yield that same smokey, rich flavor that charcoal does, and Kingsford is, well, the King. But like all royalty, failing to adapt and expand their loyal following to new audiences presents an obvious threat to the throne. A simple Google search for “charcoal” yields results for brands like FOGO, Bear Mountain and Royal Oak. Psh sorry Royal Oak, this throne is taken!

Part of that adaptation has meant revisiting the way in which they generate content and, you guessed it, that’s where Cohley comes in.

Kingsford needed more assets to fuel their content personalization efforts, as they’d relied on data to understand that different target demographics were likelier to engage and take action with different types of content. Working class, family-focused folks? Their data found that this particular demographic loves to see grilled hot dogs with perfect char marks, for example.


Kingsford Generated Unique Assets to Improve Content Personalization

Kingsford worked with Cohley to generate 229 unique assets via 11 highly talented content creators. Each one of these talented content creators did a mini photoshoot for Clorox, and the results were five star. Family-focused, summertime BBQ photos? Check. Product shots with perfectly grilled hot dogs that could be repurposed on their social channels, in ads and on their website? Yep!

By turning to Cohley, the Kingsford Charcoal team at Clorox was able to spend less and generate more. More means better content personalization, and better personalization leads to more effective testing. More effective testing leads to better results.

Kingsford and Cohley: 229 Photos at Less Than $22 Each

Kingsford sourced 229 photos – diverse assets to fuel their personalization efforts – at less than a $22 cost per photo.

"The sheer volume of ad creative that brands should be testing these days is enormous. Facebook recently publicly announced that of their top-performing advertisers, the key commonality among them was they created and tested 11X more creative than less successful accounts. In short, always be testing — even when you think you don’t need to."

Jon Loomer
Facebook Ads Strategist