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Path Water
Path Water

How Pathwater leveraged Cohley content to drive retail growth in CVS

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How Pathwater leveraged Cohley content to drive retail growth in CVS

PATH: Leveraging Cohley content to drive retailer growth in CVS

Third party retailer relationships are an essential pathway to growth for consumer goods brands, but entering the space is no easy feat -- in addition to driving sales, brands are expected to provide an extraordinary amount of marketing and content support. 

After making its first grocery store placement in 2018, PATH Water, a beverage company revolutionizing the industry through offering sustainable alternatives to single-use bottled water, knew that expanding into retailers would be a key area of growth for them in 2023. 

Visual content has been an essential part of their business, as it brings to life their mission is to shift consumer behavior from single-use plastic towards a better option- a reusable aluminum bottled water. 

As the PATH team continues to expand into retailers, they knew they needed a content partner to help to support, grow, and expand these essential sales channels.

path water bottles in cvs pharmacy basket and woman posing outside cvs pharmacy with path water bottle


PATH Water partnered with CVS to launch their 7 Day Re-Fillit Challenge to encourage consumers to end the use of single-use plastic bottles by purchasing a PATH Water bottle at their local CVS. 

To drive awareness, PATH worked with 20+ Cohley Creators who were tasked with creating UGC videos showing moments of refilling their bottles for 7 days straight. These videos also included co-branded scenes of creators shopping for PATH at their local CVS.

Because PATH owns the rights to all of the content generated on Cohley, they activated the content across multiple channels to increase the ROI on their content investment, with the focus on strengthening their relationship with CVS. 

  • They utilized content in geo-targeted ads to raise awareness of their product being available in certain areas 
  • They shared the content with CVS to utilize in their channels
  • They were able to use the content in their sales decks to pitch new retailers, to show them the level of marketing support they could expect when working with PATH

The results?

  • 170+  CVS x PATH branded assets to use on PATH’s channels 
  • 20+ organic social posts to highlight CVS partnership 
  • Over 200k organic views
  • Brand awareness analytics to share with CVS