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Adore Me
Adore Me

How Adore Me Tapped into a New Content Type and Audience with TikTok

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How Adore Me Tapped into a New Content Type and Audience with TikTok

Leveraging UGC on TikTok to Embrace Inclusivity

Inclusive lingerie brand, Adore Me empowers women to embrace their uniqueness. They celebrate every women’s unique style and body type with lingerie designed for every body. Representing the everyday authentic woman within their marketing is crucial to Adore Me’s branding. As a result, leveraging UGC in creative formats that resonate authentically with their audience, like TikTok is an ever-present part of their strategy.

While Adore Me saw the value of venturing into TikTok to tap into a younger demographic, testing a new platform and generating “fun video content,” they had never ventured into the TikTok world prior to working with Cohley. They wanted to give content creators the creative freedom to express themselves with their Adore Me lingerie authentically on the platform without giving up complete creative control.

Authentic Content from a Diverse Creator Network

Adore Me leveraged a Cohley Campaign to access Cohley’s vast network of content creators who were active on TikTok. By using Cohley’s customizable campaign briefs, Adore Me was able to include basic content requirements and creative themes within the partnership requirements, but ultimately let the content creators own the creative direction of the videos.

In order to secure social impressions on TikTok while also getting the licensed rights to the video assets, Adore Me selected 45 TikTok creators to partner with and each creator posted at least one TikTok video + uploaded their video assets in Cohley for AdoreMe to repurpose.

“The results were amazing.”

We partnered with 46 TikTok creators, generated 50+ video assets, and tapped into a new audience and content form.

"Cohley has allowed us to prove out TikTok as a viable social channel. Our team was a bit hesitant at first to give up creative control in lieu of a hot new medium, but the results were amazing. We generated 50+ authentic UGC videos on TikTok and are using it all over own social media channels."

Andra Melinte
Marketing Team Lead