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Generating Instagram Reels at scale with Cohley

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Generating Instagram Reels at scale with Cohley

De'Longhi and the Importance of Video: Meeting the Challenge of Time, Budget, and Process

93% of marketers agree that video must be part of any marketing strategy. Why?  

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. For consumer brands hoping to improve reach and engagement, video is a very compelling medium. 

For brands looking to take advantage of social video, Instagram Reels is one of the top options marketers turn to. Especially for a brand already established on Instagram (like De'Longhi is), building a strategy on top of an existing presence is easier than venturing into unknown territory such as TikTok, for example. 

So why are some marketers still avoiding video? 23% lack the time, 16% don’t know where to start, and 10% say it’s too expensive. Basically, brands struggle to create great video content because they don’t have the resources to do it at scale.     

De'Longhi understood the value of Instagram Reels content but felt the constraints of time, budget, and process holding them back. 

De'Longhi's Approach to Generating Compelling Videos at Scale

De'Longhi turned to Cohley to generate compelling Instagram Reels at scale to tell a powerful story about the positive impact that their appliances have on the lives of their customers.

Cohley’s digital platform makes creating excellent video content possible at scale by automating the tedious (but necessary) processes of finding high-quality creators, managing creator communications, and negotiating usage rights. On top of that, De'Longhi leverages Cohley's Instagram Reels creative brief template to ensure creators shoot content that meets brand standards. 

By tapping into the Cohley platform, De’Longhi can focus less on project management and more on designing extraordinary digital campaigns. 

300+ Videos and a Massive Content Library

With the help of Cohley, the De’Longhi team achieved their goal of being able to use impactful, high-quality videos to showcase their products’ benefits and connect with their audience via Instagram Reels.

Over a rolling period of 3 months (a fraction of the time that it would have taken without Cohley) De'Longhi generated 300+ videos for Instagram Reels and turned content, which was once a pain point, into a competitive advantage. The cherry on top? Besides the budget and resources saved by using Cohley instead of gathering all of these videos manually, De'Longhi's library of high-quality and on-brand content is theirs in perpetuity.

"We've been thrilled with what we've been able to achieve with Cohley. The team is amazing to work with and exemplifies the true definition of partnership. Their hands-on and hearts-invested approach from brief, to execution through analysis is unparalleled. They enable us to create high quality, premium and meaningful content with ease and speed to market. Hands down, I would recommend Cohley as "one of the best" in the business.

Lara DeSignor
Director, Media & Digital Marketing