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T3 Micro

How T3 Micro Generated the Hottest Content for the Hottest Hair Styling Tools

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How T3 Micro Generated the Hottest Content for the Hottest Hair Styling Tools

Generating Diverse, Actionable Content Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

You may have seen T3 Micro before--the brand’s sleek, award-winning hair styling tools have the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and efficaciousness that has bloggers, influencers and beauty outlets raving. They were founded on the premise of providing beautiful tools that incorporate cutting-edge technologies that allow consumers to achieve healthy tresses and salon-ready styles from the comfort of their homes.

However, running numerous photoshoots to fuel their marketing efforts was expensive. And the content that resulted from each expensive single photo shoot lacked image variety. T3 Micro needed a way to maintain the on-brand aesthetics they were able to accomplish with their photoshoots, and generate diverse, actionable content at lower costs.


women using t3 micro hair style tool and photo of tool laying on bed with accessories

On-Brand Creative Was Sourced With Cohley’s Library of Creators

Cohley helped the T3 Micro team set up content-focused campaigns working with our vast network of diverse content creators. Given the buzz surrounding the brand, and the high retail value of the products, T3 Micro had no problem attracting applicants who were eager to produce quality content for the brand.

Not only were they able to generate creative, diverse content at a fraction of the cost, but the images also maintained aesthetic consistency thanks to Cohley’s detailed campaign briefs that communicated the nuances of their brand aesthetic. Through their Cohley campaign, the brand generated over 100 actionable images to repurpose in ad content.

Over 1.5K Images Generated, Saving Over $450K in Asset Production

T3 Micro has been able to generate over 1,500+ assets in just a couple months. Their Cohley Content Library is filled with rich, engaging lifestyle content that can be activated across all their marketing channels. By leveraging their brand recognition and products’ high retail value to generate numerous assets for product exchange alone, T3 Micro ended up saving over $450K from just running two content campaigns through Cohley.

The T3 Micro team has been able to leverage their rights-approved assets in high-performing social ads and email marketing sends.

"Cohley streamlines the content creation process for us. We can select creators that fit our aesthetic that we wouldn’t have found through an organic search. The quality of the content we receive is very high and the platform and account reps are excellent! With the amount of content we use for social, paid media, and email, I don’t know how we functioned before Cohley."

Samantha Lentsch
Social Media & Partnerships Coordinator