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Relying on In-House Resources Won’t Scale With You

Turbie Twist, an iconic brand known for its super-absorbent hair towel specially designed to twist and stay perched atop the head, needed a solution to generate authentic and relatable user-generated content at scale to fuel its eCommerce & social media strategy. Having previously attempted to address these content needs in-house, Turbie Twist knew it needed a scalable, tech-based solution.



Scalable Creative for Ecommerce Is Possible with Cohley’s Visual Asset Briefs

Turbie Twist partnered with Cohley to generate diverse user-generated content at scale through Cohley’s Visual Asset Briefs. The brand continues to rely on Cohley because of its ability to quickly generate on-brand creative assets from a vast marketplace of diverse content creators. All Cohley content is brand-owned in perpetuity, which means that Turbie Twist is able to activate the assets wherever they choose without legal concern.

Assets Perfect for Amazon and Turbie Twist’s Website

Since generating their first visual asset in February of 2022, the Turbie Twist Team has generated over 250 photos & videos. Seeing wild engagement and impression growth on social media, Turbie Twist incorporated their top-performing content generated via Cohley into their most important sales channel: Amazon.

Turbie Twist currently uses their Cohley content in many areas of Amazon, including: Posts, Storefront, and associated Product Detail Pages. Most notably, the brand has seen a significant spike in engagement and click-through rates to their PDPs as a result of utilizing Cohley assets in a new offering from Amazon called Posts.

Posts is a free, immersive, image-first experience on Amazon aimed at helping shoppers visualize your products in realistic settings and inspire them to browse your feed. Since activating Cohley content in all of its Amazon Posts, Turbie Twist has seen a 53% increase in engagement which made the brand and products more visible to more shoppers.

On top of getting more shoppers to their PDPs via Posts, the brand saw a 44% conversion lift by featuring user-generated content via Cohley creators within the product gallery.

Generating and activating more content where it matters most, paired with ongoing testing has massively increased both awareness of the brand via Posts, conversion rates, and sales as a whole.


Jimmy Zona
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing at Turbie Twist

"Cohley is an awesome platform that makes it simple to get quality user-generated content at scale. The user interface is easy to use and they have a great team in place to support you all the way through the process. The content we receive from Cohley allows us to optimize our Amazon strategy and, ultimately, has increased performance for us."