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Scaling Your Business Means Scaling Your Content Operations

CordaRoy’s became a brand name in many households after they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013. As they grew, so too did their need for a steady stream of high-quality content for ads, social media, email, and e-commerce channels. This was a good problem to have, yet it was a costly and time consuming undertaking. CordaRoy's wanted to ensure customers had a great digital experience with their brand, so they turned to Cohley to help scale their ongoing content demands.



From Social Media to Their Website, Creators Can Do It All

CordaRoy's most pressing content needs centered around their e-commerce site,, so they turned to Cohley to help them keep the visual content on their site fresh. Each page requires diverse, high-resolution content that’s sized correctly. Using Cohley's powerful content platform and strategic support, Cohley Creators can proactively generate the great content CordaRoy's needs for their home page, category pages, and product detail pages.

Leveraging Creators Can Help Build Diverse, On-Brand Content at Scale

At Cohley, we’re able to do a lot more than help brands generate lifestyle content. We're thrilled to help CordaRoy's generate content that's website ready and contextually relevant. CordaRoy's has generated over 530 high quality photos to date at a cost per image of just $14.86 and our relationship is ongoing! We're proud to be able to help both growing and established brands generate the contextually relevant content that they need to meet today's heightened content demands.

Byron Young
Founder & CEO

"Working with Cohley has enabled us to scale our content strategy alongside the business as a whole. Cohley has put us in a position with our content where we’re not only keeping up, we’re using it as a strategic advantage."